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Not Public Relations but Integrated Communications

Brian Solis, author of the acclaimed new book on social media and business, Engage!, Brian Solis is principal at Altimeter Group, a research-based advisory firm. In Solis’s blog defining the convergence of media and influence discusses that Public Relations is no longer just Press Releases but much more now, some PR professionals are calling it Integrated Communications. “Ask any executive what comes to mind when you mention PR and note the common misperception shared by decision maker, Brian Solis said.” As many other people think  we only write Press Releases and pitch ideas, times are changing and with the changing of Web 2.0 as well as PR 2.0, Public Relations is turning from the business of publicity to “Public Relations.”

Public Relations is now becoming Integrated Communications because of the many jobs that Public Relations Professionals do. No more just sitting at a desk and pushing press releases out, we as future Public Relations practitioners are now responsible for blogs, company Facebook’s, the new Social Media Release and many more networking jobs.

Deirdre Breakenridge, co-author of “Putting the Public Back in Public Relations with Brian Solis, also agrees with Solis about putting the Public back in Public Relations hence the title of their book. Breakenridge’s blog contains breaking news about the future of Public Relations including social networking, blogging, microblogging, podcasting, streaming video, RSS technology and how communications is changing the way that businesses need to think in order to fully take advantage of community networking.

 I encourage everyone to visit these two bloggers site and engage them in conversation about the future of Public Relations because they will respond, trust me i have already emailed both and both have responded and helped me with this current blog. It’s PR Professionals such as Brian Solis and Deirdre Breakenridge that are helping shape Public Relations and have important insight into whats changing in the future.



Toolkit for Public Relations for the future.

It’s time to get your hands dirty Public Relation professionals. The Public Relations field is known for our ability to transform and change so we are a balanced field.  PR practitioners need to immerse, experiment and learn. New Public Relations Professionals and students now have a foot in the door when trying to get a job in the PR field because of their education in Social Media. There are so many different social media networks out there; you can become lost in the tidal wave of social media. In the new Public Relations 2.0, social media is the new means of communication and therefore there is going to be a new tool kit for PR.

Tools in the new tool kit for PR 2.0 and the future.



Help a reporter out

Pitch engine

Reporting On



Your Pitch Sucks


  • Online research:  surveys, polls and online focus panels.
  • Smarter e-mail communication to journalists, which produced better results.
  • E-Newsletters to build better relationships with the media and other constituents.
  • Monitoring tools to track online news stories, competitor initiatives and editorial coverage.
  • Webcasts including training seminars, Town Hall meetings and speaking engagements/seminars.
  • Crisis websites that mirrored public sites and could be switched on “live” if crisis struck.
  • Online newsrooms with interactive features and information available for the media 24/7, to build stories and reach their deadlines.


It is becoming an essential to have many of these tools in your tool kit for the new PR but I also agree that it is essential to have to basics. The research, writing, recognizing and telling a compelling story will always be the basis of good public relations. Many of the new tools are enhancing the basics and helping us to create more value in the relationships that are forged as a result. Technology will continue to advance and provide us with better, faster and effective ways to collaborate, but it’s our ability to listen, understand and interact with the public the right way that propels us forward but it is Public Relations time to use these new tools and get their hands dirty.


Public Relations or Should I Say Personal Relations

Public Relations has always focused on relationships but in the future, PR will focus more on personal relationships and the tools  that are now available to communicate and build those mutually beneficial relationships.

In the new age of PR 2.0 and in the future, social media conversation is becoming more prevalent, PR practitioners are going to have to be more engaging and better listeners.  Public Relations in changing the game plan in the future and moving towards personal relationships, not only in the person to person engagement but in social media.

With the new relationship age in PR, the future of PR is limitless. Companies are starting to realize just how important Public Relations is and what Public Relations can do for their company.

Public Relations is changing the way we communicate from the use of news releases to a more personable note through social media. This has its positives and negatives because this profession is no longer an 8 to 5 job but a 24/7 consisting of status updates, blog posts and the new social media releases.

Social Media is taking over the world of PR and Public Relations Professionals are going to have to keep up with the changes. This all begins with observations and listening. “Do not fear change. It’s inevitable, Brian Solis author of Putting the Public Back in Public Relations said.”

It’s going to be interesting in a few years when we look back at Public Relations from the past and see just how much Public Relations will have changed into a “Personal Relationship” because of the new social media aspect and all the other new tools of Public Relations

Where is Public Relations headed?

Where is the world of Public Relations going? Is PR moving in a direction of a “personal” relations or like some may think is it becoming”Artificial” Relations. because there is barely, if any, direct contact. You’re not talking to people face to face.While others say that the tools that have become available are going to give us the chance to communicate directly with individuals and our key publics as a whole. Moving towards that ‘mutually beneficial’ relationship we’ve been taught to crave and strive for. For one thing is sure with the develop of Web 2.0 and Public Relations 2.0 things are changing  and we must readjust our thinking, resources, and participation. “Public Relations has evolved more in the past ten years than it has in the past 100 years and is continually changing each day, Brian Solis author of Putting the Public Back in Public Relations said,” this blog will discuss what the future of Public Relations entails.

Hello world!

I am a little new to the whole blogging idea guys and gals so bear with me while i work on my profile. I will be updating the blog weekly and will have the first blog post coming shortly. The topic of the blog is Future of Public Relations. We will be looking into new ideas, concepts, and what the future holds for PR practitioners. I am currently a students at the University of West Florida majoring in Public Relations so i am really excited to begin my career but first what to know what that career is going to be in the future since the world of PR is drastically changing. So i hope that you will engage in my blog topic’s and hoping gain a better understanding of what exactly are we going to be doing in this field tomorrow, next week, and many years to come.