Public Relations or Should I Say Personal Relations

Public Relations has always focused on relationships but in the future, PR will focus more on personal relationships and the tools  that are now available to communicate and build those mutually beneficial relationships.

In the new age of PR 2.0 and in the future, social media conversation is becoming more prevalent, PR practitioners are going to have to be more engaging and better listeners.  Public Relations in changing the game plan in the future and moving towards personal relationships, not only in the person to person engagement but in social media.

With the new relationship age in PR, the future of PR is limitless. Companies are starting to realize just how important Public Relations is and what Public Relations can do for their company.

Public Relations is changing the way we communicate from the use of news releases to a more personable note through social media. This has its positives and negatives because this profession is no longer an 8 to 5 job but a 24/7 consisting of status updates, blog posts and the new social media releases.

Social Media is taking over the world of PR and Public Relations Professionals are going to have to keep up with the changes. This all begins with observations and listening. “Do not fear change. It’s inevitable, Brian Solis author of Putting the Public Back in Public Relations said.”

It’s going to be interesting in a few years when we look back at Public Relations from the past and see just how much Public Relations will have changed into a “Personal Relationship” because of the new social media aspect and all the other new tools of Public Relations


7 thoughts on “Public Relations or Should I Say Personal Relations

  1. hshouppe says:

    I really enjoy how you focused on the listening factor of public relations. A lot of people believe that we’re all just a bunch of talkers, but its a key part of our job to listen. We may start and facilitate the conversation but we want our publics to do most of the talking.

    Your blog is well written and easy to follow. I look forward to reading more!

    Hannah Shouppe

  2. Oh, hello there Carson!
    As a person who is an advocate for the old PR, where personal and face-to-face relationships were of more value, I’m quite reluctant to embrace all of this new social media stuff. However, I am slowly starting to change my thinking and adapting to the new PR 2.0. My hope is that the future of PR will still include face-to-face interactions, as opposed to focusing purely on social media and online interactions.

    • Adam, I wanted to comment on your blog also, but alas Tumblr won’t let me because I don’t have an account with them. But anyway, I just wanted to say that your blog was WONDERFUL! I really enjoyed all the videos especially the talk. I really learned a lot from your blog & I found it to be chock full of information that I had never even put into perspective before. I think you’re doing a great job & I would follow you if Tumblr would let me. Keep up the great work!

  3. Carson, I really enjoyed reading your blog! I thought the idea of the “Future of PR” was very informative. Your blog gives arise to new ideas in the structure of public relations that connects the bridge from old PR 1.0 to PR 2.0. I am now following your blog & I will be looking forward to your next post. I also really liked your picture metaphor. It really gives a great description of how social media is growing more & more essential in today’s pr. Great job!

  4. Carson, I agree with you 100%. I think the most interesting thing is going to be the creative process taken to utilize these media tools in communicating with other people. I also agree with you that no matter how advanced we get in the PR profession we are STILL based on the humble beginnings of listening and observing. I’m excited to see what else you come up with man!

    Patrick Hairiston

  5. pierceuwf says:

    What I find interesting is that I’m still hearing current business owners and PR practitioners saying they haven’t made the switch yet. I feel that it’s already known that this is here to stay and it’s going to change the way everyone communicates. We’ll see if they change their mind soon or they’ll be getting left behind.

  6. eperrigo says:

    The personal relations concept has been discussed online by PR pros for many years. We all know that listening to the conversation is the first step in the PR process. Continuing to keep up with the fast pace and changes in public relations is of paramount importance in order to do well in this field.

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