Where is Public Relations headed?

Where is the world of Public Relations going? Is PR moving in a direction of a “personal” relations or like some may think is it becoming”Artificial” Relations. because there is barely, if any, direct contact. You’re not talking to people face to face.While others say that the tools that have become available are going to give us the chance to communicate directly with individuals and our key publics as a whole. Moving towards that ‘mutually beneficial’ relationship we’ve been taught to crave and strive for. For one thing is sure with the develop of Web 2.0 and Public Relations 2.0 things are changing  and we must readjust our thinking, resources, and participation. “Public Relations has evolved more in the past ten years than it has in the past 100 years and is continually changing each day, Brian Solis author of Putting the Public Back in Public Relations said,” this blog will discuss what the future of Public Relations entails.


One thought on “Where is Public Relations headed?

  1. I really like that you are talking about whether or not Public Relations is becoming artificial. With social media, we have the opportunity to have open discussion with our clients, customers, and colleagues but is that discussion artificial? So much of that face-to-face communication has been left behind with social media! Sometimes we need to remember to walk across the building, or just pick up the phone.

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